October 26, 2015

There are no barriers such as time and distance when I make an energetic connection. Energy can be in more than one place at a time.  It is not limited by space or time.  

October 25, 2015

Take 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment and calm your mind.  Bring good energy to the session.  Be excited, nervous, anxious but don't be overly emotional.  Tears are always allowed but if you are in the depths of despair and can't get through the day without wave...

October 2, 2015

Your animal's unique personality and characteristics will be part of the energy that comes through and you will recognize messages specific to that animal.  There have been cases where two animals will overlap messages such as in multi pet households. For the most part...

October 1, 2015

Your animals may share messages or information that you won't recognize right away. This is normal and it occurs in just about every session.  The first reason is that I'm not 100% accurate.  No one is.  It can be that I got the content of the message right but deliver...

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Caroline did readings for both of my cats and my daughter's puppy.  She did an excellent job and we are extremely grateful for her help.


My cat Willow had started pooping on the floor, and I had no idea why. I had not had this problem with her before, so I asked Caroline for help. She said that Willow did not like the litter that I was using.  When I heard this, I realized that I had changed to a different brand that coincided with the beginning of Willow's problem. So I went back to what I had been using, and she promptly started using the litter box again!


My daughter Kelly wanted to know about her new puppy Baxter and if there was anything Caroline could tell her about him that would be helpful.  Caroline had some suggestions about his diet--that he be fed fresh fruits and vegetables, that he should not be given grains since he was sensitive to them, and that Kelly should become familiar with what not to feed him. These suggestions got him off to a good start.  Also Caroline said that Baxter was very sensitive to traffic, so it would be better to start out with short walks and increase the length gradually.  This valuable information has also paid off, preventing him from being too scared when around traffic.


I highly recommend Caroline if you need help with figuring out a problem with your pet, or if you just want to see if they have a message for you. She said my other cat Snow is content and had no message at that time, so that was reassuring!

Kathleen Robinson


Caroline, this may be too long but I wanted you to know what else Kelly said about how you helped Baxter:


You suggested that she get a blue blanket that would help him feel calm, and he still has his blue blanket with him in his bed.  You also said that because of where he came from, he was fearful and it would take time for him to warm up to new people and animals, and this has been correct. Kelly has taken him to obedience school and doggy day care to help him overcome his fears, and this has helped.

Caroline Lusky

Animal Communicator & Healing Touch

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