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We all communicate with our animals

but we might not realize how well they understand us! 

Caroline Lusky is dedicated to helping animals mentally, physically, and emotionally through energy techniques, communication, and healing touch.  
With Caroline's help, you can improve your relationship with your pets.
Schedule a Talk with Caroline

Call or Text - 678.662.9450

I have difficulty understanding my pets behavior?
Health or emotional issues?
Can you help me
find my lost pet?
Tell me what makes
my pet happy?
What is my pet's "job"
in the family?
​How can I improve my relationship with my animal?


Communicating with animals is an energetic 

connection that everyone is capable of creating.  It can be compared to having that animal's cell number and 'dialing' up their energy.  Sessions are very interactive and conversational - your animals can be emotional, insightful, funny, and always interesting. 


​Healing touch for Animals is an energy field therapy that support the body to self-heal. The techniques used are light touch on the body,  near the body, or at a distance depending on the animal and the location of the animal.  Healing Touch can address health, pain control, behavior modification, trauma release, grief issues, preparing to cross over, stress reduction, anxiety, training focus and much more.


“I came to Caroline for help with my dog, Lizzy who was barking incessantly and wouldn’t come when called, even though she had been through several weeks of obedience training. Caroline worked with Lizzy and helped her understand that these two things were very important to me and found out what she wanted in exchange. Caroline trained Lizzy to respond to key words so she would know when a person was a friend or that she simply needed to not be rude, but could remain on alert. After two sessions, Lizzy’s behavior was significantly better and continues to be several months later. She comes when called and is able to control her barking when I give her the key word. Now, this is how you know just how great Caroline is. About 3 weeks after Caroline gave Lizzy her key word, Lizzy had a barking fit. She got upset with herself and took herself to the bedroom and put herself in time out. The next day, Caroline called ME to tell about Lizzy’s melt down. Lizzy had come to her concerned about her melt down and Caroline explained to her that it all OK. If you have a pet with issues or simply need insight, I highly recommend Caroline ... she is fantastic!!! Hugs, great love and much appreciation."


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