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Animal Communication & Healing Touch

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Call/ Text: 678.662.9450

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Natural Remedies and Alternative Therapies Disclaimer: Natural Remedies and alternative therapies can complement traditional veterinary or medical care. The information I give you is not intended to diagnose or promote any particular product or therapy. This information is not 

a substitute for the advice or treatment of your vet or medical professional.


Caroline Lusky is an exceptionally gifted animal communicator. She and my horse instantly connected very well; he was able to communicate to her his likes and dislikes and things I could do to improve our riding relationship. The observations and suggestions were very accurate and helpful! We also explored some past lives my horse and I had together.... That was very insightful and gave me a deeper understanding of both our personalities. We now have a more harmonious relationship thanks to Caroline! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a better understanding and relationship with their animal!


Caroline Lusky did a remote Healing Touch session on my riding horse. Her telepathic understanding of his physical issues was spot on. Caroline unlocked his stuck/stagnant areas; he was noticeably improved in his freedom of movement the day following the healing session. My trainer commented that he felt like a different horse after the session with Caroline! I highly recommend Caroline for physical/mental/emotional healing for animals!

Cheryl, Carl and Nigel

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